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    Data source:三民區公所       


    This district includes seven settlements: Sankuaicu, Dagang, Wanzihnei, Baojhugo, Shitou, Benguan and Fudingjin. The district is located in central Kaohsiung city. To its East, there are: Fongshan city, Niaosong Township and Renwu Township of Kaohsiung County. To its West, are two districts: Gushan and Yancheng. To its South, are three districts: Ciajjin, Sinsing, and Lingya. In the North, there are two districts: Gushan and Zuoying. The landscape is flat, like a crouching tiger, and this is a district with the most potential in the City. During the Ming Dynasty, the Wang, Tsai and Cheng families built houses for farming the land. Sankuaicu(meaning three houses) was thus named. After Taiwan's restoration following the Japanese colonialism, it was named Sanmin to set a good example and is thus called Sanmin District.


    Sanmin District has the largest population in Kaohsiung City, about one-fourth of City's total population. In order to meet the needs of an increasing population, the City Government has accelerated its pace in carrying out the construction of comprehensive infrastructure in this district, especially in the area of transportation. Kaohsiung Train Station serves as the ground transportation transit center. City bus routes cover every major street, sightseeing spot and suburb in the City.? Service provided by Taiwan Motor Transport Co. Ltd., Kaohsiung Transportation Co. Ltd. and UBus takes visitors to every place in the nation. In addition, Kaohsiung Train Station will serve as the hub for Taiwan High Speed Rail, Underground Railway and Kaohsiung MRT.


    Old settlements formed in the early days gradually extend themselves due to the changes of urbanization. In the 1970s, the City Government started urban zoning in the area at the back of Kaohsiung Train Station. The urban appearance was thus changed. In addition, a large quantity of the population was introduced to the area. The 18th term of zoning taking place in Benguan, Baochugo, and Dinjin districts stimulated Sanmin District's rapid development.

    Total land size

    Area size: 19.7866km It is the biggest administrative district among the 11 districts in the City.

    Borough and Neighborhood System

    There are 87 boroughs and 1,749 neighborhoods and 125,561 households (as of the end of August, 2006). The current population in this district is 358,081. There are 176,811 males (accounting for 49.38%) and 181, 270 females (accounting for 50.62%).