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  • History

    This district includes seven settlements: Sankuaicu, Dagang, Wanzihnei, Baojhugo, Shitou, Benguan and Fudingjin. The district is located in central Kaohsiung city. To its East, there are: Fongshan city, Niaosong Township and Renwu Township of Kaohsiung County. To its West, are two districts: Gushan and Yancheng. To its South, are three districts: Ciajjin, Sinsing, and Lingya. In the North, there are two districts: Gushan and Zuoying. The landscape is flat, like a crouching tiger, and this is a district with the most potential in the City. During the Ming Dynasty, the Wang, Tsai and Cheng families built houses for farming the land. Sankuaicu(meaning three houses) was thus named. After Taiwan's restoration following the Japanese colonialism, it was named Sanmin to set a good example and is thus called Sanmin District.


    National Science and Technology Museum

    The National Science and Technology Museum is located in Park No. 6 of Jiouru 1st Road in the Sanmin District. The museum is composed of Northern and Southern areas. The Exhibition Buildings are in the Northern area. There is an administration center, 18 exhibition halls, three temporary exhibition halls, a 3-D movie theater, multi-media theater, library, video and audio room, maintenance factory, restaurant, and gift shop. The Southern area is used as a teaching center, including: classrooms, laboratory, storage room, and international conference hall, all of which are used for educational and storage functions. The total size of the museum is 19.16 hectares. It shoulders the responsibility of promoting technological and social education in Southern Taiwan. The Museum is the largest science and technology museum in Asia and the second largest in the world.